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Gamby: Retro Style Gaming on Arduino

by on September 28, 2013


What is a GAMBY?

Gamby – the Games for Arduino Made By You!

When I’m personally not security testing, I like to chill out, play games, play with electronics kits, and usual stuff like family time.  I think its important to remember to leave work behind on the Friday, have some fun over the weekend, and resume the work life on Monday.

Today, I received my Gameby kit after seeing them demonstrated at Defcon 21.  Regular followers of the blog, will know of my interest in Electronics, Raspberry Pi, Adafruits Ice-Tube Clock, and the IR-Blue Infrared Camera. I am also a fan of retro-gaming.  So hearing that these little devices are limited to 500 – I had to have one!  Mine is numbered 216/500; so there are only a few left up for grabs (10 6 5 4 3 left). Good news another batch has been produced.  Sadly I missed the opportunity to buy on at the show so after my following months pay-check, I jumped on-line and bought one from Tindie ( for $25(USD) (+$10 postage to GB).

Is it a Nintendo Gameboy? No! Its basically an Arduino shield, and games are programmed and uploaded through the Arduino interface.  Already there are a few demo games, with more planned to be released shortly:

  • Jewels (like bejewelled)
  • Drop-The-Block (like Tetris)
  • SimianSays
  • ShipinaTunnel

Games by Team-arg:

Assembly instructions, are trivial to follow as nearly all the components are through-hole, with the exception of the LEDs (Surface-mount so can be tricky for beginners) and the Screen (which will simply clip in place).  Instructions can be found on the logicalzero website:

Where to Buy One?

So if you fancy a Gamby, pick one up quickly before they all go…

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